Friday, July 31, 2009

me & my boys

jack haircut

this is Jack before he got his big boy haircut......we went from long and curly to short and spiky, he looks so cute!

hudson is gettin bigger

here r a few things new about our little red head: he has a temper(who would've thought)
: he has 1 tooth coming in on the bottom
: he loves to be sung to by his BIG brother
: he is a screamer
: puts on the biggest smile when he see's his daddy
:hates to have his diaper changed
is rolling over from back to belly. and can hold his head up really good when he's in his bumbo
were enjoying every minute of him, watching him grow and be his sweet little self.....hope u enjoy the pictures.....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

fishin @ the farm

Over the Memorial weekend we celebrated Bubba's birthday and grilled out hamburgers and did some fishin down at dad's pond. Jack brought his little cars fishing pole and papaw dug up some worms and off to the pond we went. Jack was so cute and so excited he has papaw help him get his pole all fixed up with a worm and throw it out into the water. and believe it or not Jack reeled in i think 5 or 6 small fish! it was so exciting to watch him, nut he would not touch the fish just looked at.

hudson Lee @ 4 months

Our little guy Hudson is getting so big, now at 4 months of age. he likes to talk, but he loves to scream when he talks. its a high pitched scream which sometimes turns into a i'm upset scream. he is so sweet tho. his BIG blue eyes and that dark red hair what a cutie!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

a day @ the park with Jack

Dustin and I have been going on walks @ Lake Fayetteville when the weather is pretty. Jack thinks he's big stuff playing on the toys, and yes he is getting bigger!

our little red headed Razorback

since Hudson has red hair, Dustin likes for me to dress him in anything red. SO I thought it would be cute to dress him in this HOG outfit!!!